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Frequently Asked Questions

Once we have your information, a typical install can be scheduled in under a week. The actual installation takes about 1-2 hours. We require an adult to be on-site during the installation.

We have extensive coverage of central Alberta, you can view our coverage map here. Once an appointment is scheduled our technicians will test for service on your property. If we are able to get service we will proceed with the installation. If we are unable to get service there is no charge for the appointment.

We are proud to offer 24/7/365 phone, email, and online chat support, this means you can always reach our technical support team if problems with your service arise or if you have any general or billing questions.

Our service can work with a single wired device without a router but typically customers will want WiFi in their homes so a wireless router is needed. You can either use your own wireless router or we can supply you with a managed wireless router which we can provide additional support for as well. If you choose to use your own router we will do our best to help you with your router but we cannot fully support it. If you are in a contract our managed wireless routers are included with your internet package, if you are month-to-month billing an additional router management fee will be added to your monthly bill.

If you are starting your service with a contract term the normal installation fee is waived. In some cases where we need to install additional equipment to get you a good signal(tall pole setup, small tower, support guy wires) we will need to charge a small additional fee however the installing technician will discuss this with you before you need to commit to the install.

We offer several methods for payment, you can choose between Credit Card, Online banking, or automatic EFT. Please contact our office for descriptions on our different payment options and how to get setup for each.

No, we normally never charge you for repairs. The only time a repair fee may be charged is if you physically cause damage to our equipment or cables, however this will be determined on a case by case basis. If the repair involves additional equipment to improve your connection there may be an additional charge.

At the end of your contract term you automatically change to month-to-month billing. There is typically no price change when your contract term ends unless you are using one of our managed routers, in which case the router management fee would also be added to your monthly bill. You can also choose to renew your contract to avoid the extra charge.

Yes, being on a contract doesn't lock you into your plan, you can select any plan we offer in your area. You can upgrade to a higher speed plan at any time with just a simple call to our office. You can also downgrade your plan if needed, however you will need to be on the previous plan for at least one full billing cycle before the downgrade can occur. Month-to-month customers also follow the same package upgrade/downgrade rules.

When you need to cancel your service we will need to retrieve all our equipment undamaged before we can close your account. If we are unable to collect our equipment or if returned with irreparable damage you may be charged for the cost of the equipment. Ideally if you are having service issues we would like to do everything possible to ensure you are satisfied with our internet service before uninstalling our equipment. If you are cancelling while in contract you will be charged a fixed cancellation fee per each month you have remaining on your contract term. This fee may be waived if there are issues with the service we cannot resolve. If you are moving we will try to have the service reassigned to the new owners otherwise we will uninstall the equipment.

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